Anis Trend

We are aware that it is unwise to specialize in and manufacture many different quality products at once. That is why we are principally specialized in the manufacture of balers, their auxiliary devices, and conveyors. In our 16 years, we have performed over 150 different installations around the world and have gained much experience within the field. On this foundation, we provide complete equipment for the management of communal, packaging, and industrial waste.

We started our business in 1994 as a family business after the failure of Riko, Ribnica. After that failure, we gathered together our experience to create this business. We turned towards the manufacture of more complex automatic machines for baling and transporting waste paper, cardboard, plastic packaging, etc. We sought markets outside of Slovenia, including around Europe, Asia and even in North America. Today, our machines can be found in most parts of Europe, as well as in Asia.